Thursday, May 9, 2013


I've been thinking about writing this post for weeks. But then today, I happened upon someone else's words that pretty much says it all. I love this post. I need to add nothing more. Please check it out.

Congratulations, Preemie Mama. 

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Ann stodel said...

Hi Jessi, my grandson was born at 26 weeks, ad a grade 3 bleed, and has a shunt. He is 10 month old, 7 corrected.
Today he had Anat Baniel therapy for the first time. We live in London, England and there are only two people who practice it here. I really believe it is going to help him. I read about it on one of your early blogs after my grandson was born. So a really big thank you, you ate helping people all over the world. I follow your amazing a special boy every day, have totally fallen in love with him, his progress is such a credit to you all. Thank you again and sending my love to you and your incredible Jack xxxx

Mrboosmum said...

I saw this earlier today via Twitter and have read it several times since. Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have the lovely day you deserve.

Jessi said...


Thanks for the lovely comments today, both here and on FB. And let me know how Anat Banal goes. Very curious!


Thank you. Right back at ya! :)