Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The BIG Meeting

We have the BIG meeting today.

Jack's annual IEP meeting.

Many parents get worried and stressed about IEP meetings. In fact, when I just Googled IEP to find the definition for you, I saw this.

So it seems these meetings can be scary/stressful. We all want the best for our little ones and maybe in some school districts, you have to fight to get what you need in an IEP.

Let me just tell you about our experience. I came into the whole preschool thing a bundle of nerves. Jack was just turning three. I went into our first "get to know the program" meeting with the thought that there was no way in hell that I was letting my sweet little Mr. Jackpants Bubs Bennion head off to school. But in the course of an hour, after meeting a wonderful team of teachers and therapists, my heart started to change. I was still a bundle of nerves, but both Jon and I felt that we should tentatively give this a try.

A week before school started, I wrote this paragraph:

"I've been a bundle of nerves leading up to taking Jack to his first day of preschool. Just ask my husband. Not an all out, can't function nervous wreck. But a continually anxious just under the surface, something is up, type of a nervous. Here's why:  I've been thinking of every single thing imaginable that could possibly go wrong. Do Jack's teachers know he can't go up and down stairs? That he only just became mobile this summer, really? Do they know that they need to call us immediately if his g-tube comes out? That hole closes in under an hour! Do they have enough people working to watch out for him? Do they know he has CVI and how that challenges him in new places and spaces? How about his quirks? When he bites his finger or when he gives them a kiss on the shoulder (the most precious way to ask for help ever)? What if they give him his snack and he actually decides to take a bite, gags, and throws up? Or worse. What if he chokes?"

Friends, I was a nervous wreck. I needed that massage.

This year? I am feeling totally different. I am excited for our big meeting today. I can't wait to come up with new goals for Jack. Sure, it took Jack quite a bit of time to get comfortable going to school. But since then, the positive change and growth we've seen has made me a huge advocate for preschool. He needed the social setting. He needed to be around other people besides just mommy and daddy. And Jack's development has exploded.

I will let you all know how the meeting goes as well as tell you the exact ways in which school has been the best thing for him. Until then, if you want to read about our journey with preschool, I have all my posts here in one place.

Bye now.

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