Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Play Date Birthday

Last week we took the occasion of our play date to celebrate Jack's birthday (By the way, I WILL HAVE A FOUR YEAR OLD TOMORROW)

We love this little group of friends. They have been with and around Jack since the beginning and we couldn't come to our play date without some yummy cupcakes in hand. 

Pictures of the cuteness:

moms are happy

new book!

When everyone sang "Happy Birthday" Jack was listening so intently, he wouldn't even look up

trust me, Jackpants, you will like this! 


Tomorrow is your big day, buddy. Mama doesn't quite know how she feels about this...

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Emily said...

SO BIG - Happy birthday, Jack! :)

Leslie Hennigar said...

Happy birthday to Jack! Christopher's birthdays and due dates (born at 31 1/2 weeks) are always bittersweet for me too! <3 Leslie in Mn