Monday, May 13, 2013


This Mother's Day felt different. In putting this post together, I have been trying to figure out why - what was different about yesterday? Even though I can't exactly explain it, the day was perfect. It was a super relaxed day. I got to sleep in a bit. We grabbed a picnic lunch and headed to the park. Jack got to swing. We came home and Jon prepared my one of my favorites for dinner. But the majority of our day was spent outside and maybe that is why it felt so heavenly. 

It was the perfect weather. And we could be at my favorite place for most of the day. 

Our backyard. 

our one attempt at a group shot. Ha!

can you spot it? 

self timer again!


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Ann (London, England) said...

Looks like a heavenly day, what a lovely family you are and
That boy of yours is truly gorgeous and special xxxx

EHenson said...

Love your blog. Read an article a while ago that made me think of you. I think it's hard for all parents to figure out how to let our child take risks appropriate to him...and for children with special situations and needs, uniquely so. Maybe you'll like it, maybe it's not for you. Either way, just passing it along.

Jessi said...

Thanks Ann!

Jessi said...

Great article! Lots to think about as Jack gets older