Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life Lately (according to IG)

You know I love Instagram.

Obsessed, really.

It's my most favoritest of all the social medias.

Without further ado, life lately:

oh just chillin'

Jack's hand sneaks into the picture

incredible weather and a giant remote

imagine getting that greeting each day

can barely handle the cuteness


finishing Speech Therapy with a good read

we got away for a quick trip

Gramps came over.

please nap like this forever, Jack. 

still rockin' OT like a boss

please and thank you

this kid is beautiful

new ritual? Donut Friday

late evening snuggles


baking this a lot lately

Jack's dream came true at school last week. Cheeto Brunch. 

how did we get to be so blessed? 

hometown beauty

Chai and Chocolate equals Love

I love everything about this

Always, always with the hair. 

Bye now.

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1 comment:

Emily Real said...

Cheeto brunch and donut Friday -- yep, I could get used to both of those. ;)
(I love the two-photo sequence...perfection. :) )