Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Trip - Jack Visits the Bakery

I've decided to break Jack's travel adventure into a few parts. 1) because a lot of these experiences were firsts for him and 2) because I have way, way too many pictures that I want to share!

We chose Salt Lake City as our destination. It's about seven hours by car and we were oh so happy to finally arrive. The first thing we did after a short night's sleep was take a glorious morning walk to our favorite bakery in the world. (yes, I said favorite in the WORLD and I mean it).

Jack quickly decided he was not a fan of the hotel elevator. His disdain for it grew as each day passed. We tried all sorts of things to remedy this (singing favorite songs, funny games, daddy making crazy noises, jumping up and down), but ultimately, we just chose the stairs. I wonder what people must have thought of all the racket? Oh the things we we do for our boy.

We were blessed with some great weather. Just a few sprinkles from time to time, but it's Spring and everything was green. No complaints from us.

Jack is really into singing these days.

I would just like to point out how long Jack is. When and how did my boy get so big?

A walk! One of Jack's favorites.

The glorious mountains.

Random? Maybe. But I am a huge fan of foot shots.

The bakery was about half a mile away. Perfect for a stroll.


Here comes the part in this post where I go on and on and on about my most favorite bakery in the world, Les Madeleines.

We discovered it from watching a Food Network profile on their famous pastry, the Kouing Aman. Just in case you were wondering, everything on their pastry shelves is pretty spectacular, but the Kouing Aman is out of this world. And they can ship them to you. Start saving your pennies. Totally worth it!


We got to eat outside. Sigh.

Want. Now.

Some of you may be wondering if Jack ate any of these amazing goodies. I am proud to say he had lots of little tastes. We'll take it!

A pretty wonderful morning.

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Beverly Atkins said...

I just love Jack's smile! Sounds like the beginning of a great trip! Can't wait to hear more.

Jessi said...

Thanks Beverly. I love it, too.

Anonymous said...

Our 24 weeker at almost 2 years old...experienced elevators for the first time last week....still not quite sure what he thought of them!!!