Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday Trip - Jack Visits the Aquarium

This was such a big day for Jack. A first. 

You know how I've told you about Jack's vision issues - his CVI? Going into this adventure, we didn't know how Jack would react to the aquarium. Would he be able to see/process it? We knew he does well with things that are lit up (light boxes and TV screens), but would he be able to focus? To really take in his surroundings? 

Right away, we knew he was in for a treat. It was totally dark, with the tanks and exhibits all lit up. He was immediately drawn to the moving fish.


Jack is the sort of kid that will just sit down anywhere for a time out. He decided that the middle of one of the exhibits was the perfect place. And he was right. You take your time, JackP!

Checking out the jellyfish.

Big boy.

But still needs daddy's help to get the best view.



cute cute fishies.

And the penguins!

And the frogs! (my favorite)

We had such a fun morning, checking off a big first for Jack.

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Christi said...

I just love his expressions as he's looking at the exhibits! I can definitely tell he loved it! I could eat that boy of yours right up!

Lori Hamm said...

Has he watched "Finding Nemo" since you've been back? Bet it becomes his favorite.