Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Trip - Jack Visits the All-Abilities Playground

As we were driving through Salt Lake City, we randomly spotted a huge park. A pond with ducks to feed, walking trails, trees and green. And in the very far distance, we saw some playground equipment. We decided to go and explore. Maybe they would have a swing for Jack (normally an adaptive swing if I'm by myself and don't have two sets of hands to get him in a bucket swing).

We parked and walked toward the equipment. 

As we got closer, I noticed some adaptive swings. Yes! And more than just one to choose from! We noticed all the playground equipment. Wheel chair accessible. This was a park for all abilities! I've heard and seen pictures of parks like this. In my own state, there are fundraising campaigns going on in two different cities hoping to build one of their own. But we've never seen one in real life.

So cool, friends.

I just could not believe that out of all the parks in SLC, we happened upon the absolute coolest one!


Yes!! I don't know how many times I've waited over 15 minutes for the adaptive swing. A fellow preemie mom told me she even sees typical adults using them to sit in while their kids play. Not cool. I want a sign like this!

And notice the floor of the park. Basically astro turf. It's so hard for wheel chairs and unstable walkers to get around on bark or sand.

Of course, Jack was lovin' life.

Chimes and various music makers were a big part of this park. It was like we were being serenaded the whole time. It was a very popular area for the kids.

I wish I would have taken a wider angle shot of the whole park. This just shows a tiny portion the activities to choose from. ALL abilities can play here. Kids that can climb, can climb. It's about giving everyone something to do and easy access. Fun for everyone!

Jack tested out one of the slides.

Yep. Still not a fan.

still rockin' his favorite sweatshirt though

In this next picture (on the left) you can see the ramp that gives wheelchair and walker access up into the playground fort.

We took five minutes before getting back into the car to take some photos. I love and will cherish these next shots.

Ha! Typical.

We had so much fun at this park. We went again the next day.

Tomorrow: Jack goes swimming for the first time!

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Rachael said...

I love this park and the options it has for kids of all ages and abilities! I am so glad you discovered it while in SLC!

Jessi said...

It's so cool! We will definitely go back there the next time!

Lora said...

We have a playground like this in our city, but with no signs... I just thought it was a toddler playground, because my toddler isn't real steady, so the softness is nice. I guess I didn't really think through it.

We will be so much more aware of making sure other kiddos get priority on such equipment when we're at the park now! Thanks for sharing this!