Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Truly Blessed

It's one month until Jack's birthday and I always start to feel uneasy right around this time. Preemie birthdays are bittersweet, you see. Yes, the pain of an early birth lessens as the years go by, but it is always there, underneath the surface.

And with this passage of time - year after year after year after year - I no longer write just about prematurity. About the struggle, the fight to make it, the pain, the heartache. Writing about those things had their purpose. The best therapy, as they say.

But there is more to this story - Jack's story.

I get to write about my miracle boy who is big and strong. My boy who has overcome so many odds. My boy who has inspired so many. My boy who is doing all the things I only dared dream about.

I get to share his story.

This year, for Jack's birthday, I am keenly aware of this privilege. The privilege to share. And for that, I am one blessed mama.

Today I am feeling this incredible weight of blessing. It is tangible. And I am letting it sink in. Because when you've got something this good, you cherish it. And you try to tell the world about it.

I am so proud of my almost four year old. Of his story. Of his life. Truly blessed to share, my friends.

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annls@hotmail.co.uk said...

Amazing journey, amazing miracle baby, amazing family
Love hearing your story, thank you xx

Jessi said...

Thank you for the sweet comment! Made my day.