Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunshine Love

We went to my hometown, where Grams and Cheeks still live, for Easter weekend. And my cup is full. The weather was absolutely glorious. Like the best weather I've ever seen for Easter weekend in Montana... which is normally notorious for snow, cold, wind, etc. But it was the perfect 65 degrees and sunshine. For the end of March, it felt incredible. 

We were in heaven. 

Jack got a haircut right before we left to visit Grams and Cheeks. So handsome!

Hey buddy. Here comes Daisy!

As a photographer, I am a firm believer that moms need to get in some pictures. But, I also know that it's not always easy, especially if you are the one that always remembers the camera and is the normal family photographer. But do it, friends. 

I will forever cherish these next few photographs. 

Tomorrow I will give you a little peek at the most dapper Easter outfit ever worn by a Mr. cutie pie, Jackpants Bennion. You won't want to miss it.

Have a wonderful week, hopefully with some sunshine, friends.

P.S. Every time I show Jack in his super cute Montana sweatshirt, I get asked where I got it. My Montana friend, Nici, makes them. Here is her shop. She handcrafts pretty much any state or country you want on shirts, sweatshirts, bibs, hats, tea towels (and the list goes on). This is the perfect gift because they are one of a kind. Jack got the one you see in these photos last year for his 3rd birthday from a friend and it still fits! But, I did go ahead and order the next size, because I love it that much. 

(this ain't no paid advertisement!)

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Ashley said...

Yep. We're gonna need one of those shirts. But in North Carolina, of course :) Glad you guys are having good weather. I think our states must have traded... it's been super cold here, unlike previous years where we are usually in shorts by this time!

Jackie said...

We're going to need a Tennessee shirt or two or three! Super cute pics, Jessi. Especially of you and your boy! :) Glad y'all had some amazing weather!

Jessi said...

Do it! You'll love them.