Monday, April 8, 2013

We Can Do Hard Things

I am waiting on a pretty important phone call this morning. It's one of those calls that's given me heartburn for the past few weeks. With it, I will have a lot of questions answered. There's the ambiguity, wrapped up in what could be, that is really making me sweat.

I have no idea what to expect. And since I rarely make or get important phone calls anymore (beyond an occasional doctor, therapist, insurance rep), I am feeling out of my element and rusty. Uneasy, too.

Also to coincide with this important phone call is a pretty sick Jack. He woke up with a migraine. I feel so bad for him, seeing that he gets so miserable with these. But seeing him sick also made me pause and remember...

We can do hard things.

Let me repeat.

We can do hard things.

And that, my friends, is perspective.

I can make the hard call. I mean, come on, Jessi! Sometimes I forget and make things much more difficult than they really are in the grand scheme of things. If the NICU did anything for me, it was to teach me what the hard things really are.

No matter what I hear today, what I find out, what we decide, we can do it. I took one look at Jack and remembered.

Something special today from our friends at Life after NICU, who are using this week to honor full term NICU babies. Free printables! Both the "we can do hard things" (seen above) and this one below, (which I also love), is available for free!

Check them out! 

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Tatum said...

Good luck with the call and I hope Jack is feeling better soon. I started getting migraines as a young child, but not quite as young as Jack is. No fun for mom or boy. xoxo

premmeditations said...

A first comment from a long-time reader.I hope Jack is better soon. My 29-weeker, just turned 1 actual is ill, too. I have been really worried but starting my own blog this week, in part inspired by yours. Writing the first couple of posts and looking back to this time last year...well let's just say I totally get what you're saying about perspective.


Jessi said...

Thanks, Tatum. I've only had one real, true debilitating migraine and it was horrible. I feel so bad that Jack gets them and at such a young age :(

And premmediations - thanks for commenting and introducing yourself! I love hearing from you! Good luck with your blog. It's a lot of fun.