Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter (and my new most favorite photo of all time)

I promised Easter photos and today I'm delivering. 

Introducing dapper Jack.

We got these photos bright and early, before we headed off to church. 


And Grams made sure Jack found his Easter basket by placing it in his most favorite thing. 

the tie! 

And all the feeding therapy kids said Amen.

My boys

And my new most favorite photo of all time. Thanks for making me get in front of the camera, babe. I will forever cherish this.

signature Jack grin

And thanks Cheeks and Grams for the wonderful Easter!

pretty good for a self-timer, eh? 

Bye now.

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Julie said...

LOVE. That one of you and Jack is a framer/canvas worthy one for sure! DapperJack. A new nickname.

Ashley said...

That sport coat? I die. The end.

Anita Ramirez said...

HE'S PERFECT!!!!! ;)

Beverly said...

Wonderful pictures. Jack is so cute in his jacket and tie! But then I think he's cute in anything. I'm glad you all had a great Easter. AND WOW what a basket!

Jessi said...

Thanks everyone! It's so much fun to get Jack dressed up once in a while.

Jackie said...

LOVE! Can't get over the tie! Love!