Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Change of Plans

I was planning on giving a big ol' update about Jack and eating, but things didn't go as planned today. And I'm OK with that. I promise to get to it later this week, hopefully tomorrow. There is not an issue I get more questions about, so I understand how important of a topic it is. 

Instead, we went to visit daddy. 

And this cuteness happened. 

as you can see, we are still working, working, working on steps

And that's when I stopped snapping pics because Jack decided he needed to go into the quiet State Law Library and grab a newspaper, get on the ground, jump around, and make lots of noise. 

Good times. 

Will be back tomorrow with a proper feeding update. Bye now. 

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Julie said...

Guess he got to "GO!" after all! :) It's good to bring some noise into that quiet building! Next time we'll have to coordinate our visits and then we will really create some noise!

emily said...

How sweet!!