Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Little Word

Reading this through the eyes of Jack's speech therapist brought it all back. What a great week it has been.

When it happened, I almost didn't believe my ears. I sat on the floor, just getting into my speech therapy session with my three-year-old client.  The toys were strewn around us and he was playing with his favorite music toy.  I often switch it off while he is listening to provoke some communcation.  I singsong "uh-oh" and then wait expectantly for him to say "dah" to request the music again.  But today was different. 

I automatically said "uh-oh" as soon as I saw that he had noticed it was off.  Today that echo came back to me and I quickly looked at him, looked at his mom.  His little voice had said "uh-oh" so clearly.   "Did you hear that?"

"I heard that."

I quickly did it again. The tinny music stopped mid phrase.

His voice again after mine. "Uh-oh."

I felt tears rush to my eyes and I saw his mama wiping under her eyes too.  Those same tears come quickly again every time I think about it, as I sit here writing, as I excitedly told my husband about it during our weekly lunch date.

He has worked so hard for every gain he has made. He has survived nearly insurmountable odds. He has brought forth prayer from around the world, he has changed the hearts and minds of many people in his three years of life. His extreme prematurity has conspired to put limits on him, he throws them off at every turn. Sometimes those achievements have been quick and a bit miraculous, other times they have been hard fought over many months.

It was such a small word but such a huge, huge accomplishment for him. He is why I do what I do. I would work months and months again for that one word. When people ask me who my heros are, I never have to think much before I answer. He is my hero, he and all of the other children I have worked with who fight to achieve what comes to others so easily. He is my hero, and his parents and their parents who face deeper fears and yet come forth with greater courage than most can summon.

It's one little word but it's so much more than that. It's hope. It's triumph.

Julie Swanson is a Speech Language Pathologist who lives with her husband and two adorable children in Montana. Besides being Jessi's good friend, she is also Jack's amazing speech therapist who works tirelessly to help our little guy communicate.

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Rosie Keisha said...

What a wonderful post and dedicated therapist Jack has. Jessi I'm sure you are bursting with pride right now and I'm convinced there are going to be more amazing days ahead! We're all rooting for Jack!

Krysty Whisman said...

Cheeks was just in the church telling me this story and I want you to know we were all cheering in Missoula for Jack and his accomplishments! I hope to see you guys soon when you come down for the play. XOXO!!

Jen Tang said...

Yaay! I am so happy for Jack! I think a good thought for him everyday.

Kelli Johanesen said...

Yay! That's huge! Great work Jack, and also Julie. Speech pathologists always rock. ;)

Jessi said...

Love reading your comments about this post. So special to me!