Monday, March 18, 2013

New Look

A few months ago I started dreaming up a new look for Life with Jack. I came to the point where my own amateur blog design had reached it's limit and I needed to bring in some help.

dreaming of a "Fancy NEW header" :)

A few scribbles and dreams on a page in my journal became what you see now. Our new space! And the highlight for me is our new logo, hand illustrated by Ashley of thorn + sparrow.

Hand illustrated means that the lovely Ashley took out her art supplies and by hand, created our logo. How cool is that?!

photo of Ashley doing her thing by Kelli Tontrel 

I knew I wanted a Montana designer for our logo and I think I came across her work through mutual friends... but really, I don't quite remember how I found her! All I know is that I'm glad I did.

The design process was a lot of fun. I came up with an "about me" for Ashley to go off of, that included what I wanted in a logo, my style, my favorite colors, my favorite places to shop, what I like about websites/logos, and about Jack and his favorite things. From that, Ashley dreamed up our logo. She doesn't know this, but I secretly hoped she would include pine trees in the final designs.... and of the top three choices, pine trees were in every one! So cool, friends.

This space, where I write about all things Jack, is so special to me. It makes my heart happy to see this new look take shape.

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heather lesoine said...

Thanks for sharing your process...I love the new look too! And it's inspired me to do more with my blog.

Hannah said...

Your new look is super, very clean and bright! And I like the Montana-ness of the whole makeover.

Jessi said...

Thanks guys!

ashley said...

i just love this!! you sure know how to make someone feel special!! so honored to be apart of your new look + amazing/inspiring/beautiful blog... you're such a gem + i'm so happy to know you now!! xo!