Monday, March 25, 2013

Love Where You Live

When Jack was first born we considered moving to a state with more resources. We were worried about living in such a rural place. Maybe better doctors and a better medical community to care for our micro preemie son was the best thing for us. 

But because of many reasons, this state, our home of Montana, won out.

Sometimes I wonder if we made the right choice staying here. Like everything else in life, we just had to go with what seemed right. We decided to make the best of it. And it didn't hurt to have the stability and (priceless) benefit of a community who love and support us nearby. 

Another sacrifice we didn't have to make? This incredible gift of being able to live in the most gorgeous place on earth. There is nothing like it.  

P.S. look at this big boy.

Love where you live.

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Ashley said...

We sure do love North Carolina... I'm betting Jack would just love our beaches, too ;)

Brandi Powell said...

Your walk pictures always, always make me smile! We are so, so lucky to live here!