Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Getaway

Jon and I were able to skip town for a little weekend getaway.

For us, a getaway usually means a super quiet and relaxing weekend. We are both foodies, so we make an attempt to seek out good restaurants and bakeries. We go on walks. We explore towns. I do a teeny bit of shopping. We talk a lot. We dream a lot. We hole ourselves up in a quiet corner of a coffee shop and read. We sleep in. Oh my goodness, the best thing ever, right?

For us, it was pretty much heaven.

This trip I forgot my phone charger, so I was totally disconnected except for the few times I uploaded a pic to Instagram. Otherwise, I had a nice little sabbatical from technology. I always ask Jon "what is going on in the world?" for my news update anyway, so all was well to unplug.

While Jack was having the time of his life with Grams and Cheeks (going to parks, on walks, and unlimited jumping on the bed), we were enjoying yummy treats, exploring a small downtown, and catching a matinee. The icing on the cake? The sun came out.

Happy me.

And I even had time to put on a pretty dress and do my hair.

Thank you and amen.

Back to reality this morning, but sure feeling refreshed.

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Tatum said...

It seems it was a perfect weekend for getting away. I'm glad you and Jon had such a nice trip. You looked beautiful in your dress.

Jessi said...

If only we had 80 degree weather like you did, Tatum!

Emily Real said...

You are so beautiful! I'm glad you guys got this little getaway. :)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog and began reading it from the beginning... it is amazing! Yesterday I finally caught up to date. It is a little disappointing.... I just want to keep clicking newer post and hear about what is happening next, but can't cause it hasn't been posted! :) Literally, I am at the edge of my seat to hear more about your family and how Jack continues to grow and develop! He is one amazing little guy and his mommy is one great writer reminding me to be grateful for the little things in life. Something that is always good to keep in mind! Since reading your blog, I have been lead to donate to some of the causes your guest bloggers have written about. Do you happen to have a "good to donate to" list somewhere on your site or a list of all the places mentioned in those posts. I tried to keep record as I read them, but feel like I am missing some. Thanks for all your posts and for bringing light to some great organizations!

Jessi said...

That is a great idea! I should take some time to compile a list of my favorite preemie organizations - those that would be perfect to donate to. And thank you, for the sweet comment!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you think so. I know your days are filled with busyness and would so appreciate your sharing of a list of places donation worthy (local to you or otherwise). With a new found passion for preemies, it would be great to know what to do or where to donate! Thank you so much for considering it and I hope to see your list someday! Any way I could send you an e-mail privately for when you do compile a list?

Jessi said...

Yes! Why don't you send me an email and I will give you a few ideas