Monday, March 11, 2013

Lazy Wonderful Weekend

A little weekend IG cuteness.

We got our Friday off to a great start by soaking up the glorious sunshine. Side note: does anyone else count Friday afternoon as part of the weekend? I do!

We headed to (where else?) the park.

Where daddy surprised Jack! This particular park is close to Jon's office. Boy was in heaven. By the way, I love love love love love love love love love love love love love this picture. Love.

Once home, a special delivery. My new shoes that I kinda sorta got to match Jack's blue kicks.

Saturday morning we awoke to more sunshine. JackP sat in his favorite sun soaked spot, with his favorite books, and read all morning.

I even busted out my big girl camera because Jack was just so incredibly adorable reading his books. He was studying each and every page like this.


Did I mention the sun was shining? Do I sound like a broken record? Sorry about that. It's just that when you live in an area where winter can be 8 months long, you soak up every inch of sun you get. We celebrated. Off on a nice car ride, going to the Dairy Queen drive-thru for the first baby cone of the season.

Awaiting their cone. Jack is still on the fence about icecream. 

AND! No Nap Jack actually napped. Miracle of all miracles :)

I promise his hair is actually that cool 

Since Jackpants is working so hard at communication, he has taken to just showing me what he wants. This is kinda new for Jack and all weekend long, I found myself being taken around the house by my boy. Go buddy!!

These lazy weekends aren't lost on me. There was a time when I never knew if we'd be able to describe a weekend as lazy wonderful. The calm. The peace. The knowledge that our boy is healthy and growing. That's pretty much all we could have ever hoped for.

Bye now.

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margaret said...

jessi and jonathan: this entry made me smile from start to finish. jack is so pecious and growing so much. we love seeing all the pictures and reading all that you write. we hope to see you soon.
love to all of you. mom

Jessi said...

We love and miss you guys!

Sarah said...

I have just started a blog on my micro premmie (28weeker) and have loved reading about your lovely fam!!
P.s. what a fun weekend!

Christi said...

Oh my! The pic with Jack huddled over his book so intent that he doesn't bother to look up at you with your camera! Ah - melts my heart! That's the one that I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove!!!!