Friday, March 22, 2013

Choosing The Best Therapy For Your Preemie

Chances are, if you have a preemie, you deal with therapy in some way. Whether it be physical, occupational, speech, or non-traditional, navigating the world of therapy can be downright difficult. We want the best for our precious kids, but sometimes it's a struggle to get things right. Heck, it took us years in this whole world of therapy to figure some things out (and I'm still learning).

In honor of finding that delicate balance, I wanted to link up to a series I did exactly a year ago on this very subject. On choosing the best therapy for your preemie.

Part 1 - so what is therapy anyway?

Part 2 - on being your child's best advocate

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Anonymous said...

I guess we consider ourselves lucky or are completely naive. Though sometimes have guilt. Our 24 weeker does not have any therapies!?!? Sometimes I wonder if he should...or if we somehow just got very lucky. I don't know. Or are we completely blind to what he might need. No evaluation has suggested he needs any. I hope and pray everyday that this is right and somewhere we didn't miss the mark for pushing harder!

Jessi said...

I'm sure if your doctor and evaluation team see no need, then consider yourself super blessed and don't spend time worrying about it! Yes, it's very rare (24!), but not totally unheard of.

Now... that preemie mama guilt. I hear ya! It's very hard not to compare stories. Someone almost always has it worse and it's hard not to go there - to the place of guilt. For me, it's been a continual journey to learn to be content right where I'm at :)