Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aww.. the sweetest.

I wasn't planning on posting today. Then I happened upon this on Pinterest. Source unknown.

I mean seriously, friends.

My absolute fondest (yes, truly wonderful) memories during Jack's NICU stay are from our hours of kangaroo care.  Heart to heart. Skin to skin. I could feel Jack's teeny tiny heart beating against my chest. I could feel his chest rise and fall. I could hear his squeaky little breaths. I would say "keep breathing, buddy. Keep breathing."

I waited a month to be able to hold Jack. I would lay him on my chest and for two glorious hours, we could be together.

I was his mama.

He was my baby.

Nothing better.

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Anonymous said...

sooo precious:) best moments ever!~
I can related to those moments, I too had a micro preemie as well..

Karen Stafford said...

Hi. I found your amazing blog a few weeks ago. I love reading it. I have a premmie son, also named Jack, born at 26 weeks. He (seems to be) fine, but my goodness, what a ride it has been.

Shanda Ranelle said...

I remember those days well. It was one of the only things I remember being totally awesome in the NICU! Kept me sane :)

Jamie said...

Love this! I waited a week to hold Ellie and remember a nurse calling at midnight. She said Ellie's wide awake come down here. I left the room and she called back down to mynusband and mom telling them to come with the camera. She'd set up a quiet corner for me to hold Ellie for the first time even though I wasn't supposed. When I walked in she just smiled and said if you say a word ill pretend I don't know what you are talking bout. She knew just what this momma needed. Now at three years old when Ellie asks to sleep on momma's shoulder my heart melts listening to her sweet breaths!

While I can't relate to the micro preemie land Ellie was born at 34 1/2 weeks but had a very rough start for an almost 35 seeker I can relate to those precious moments that you don't experience unless you have a preemie. I NEVER imagined not being able to hold my baby!

Jessi said...

Thanks ladies! I knew you would get it!