Thursday, March 7, 2013


Jackpants Bennion. Our early riser.

We swear he looks over at the clock and as the minute goes from 4:59am to 5:00am, he's up and at em'. As you can imagine, this makes for a very long, drawn out morning. When I get up with him (we take turns), I usually try to relish it. Jack plays quietly or watches a show. I read a book and watch the sun rise. Just our quiet time.

But this morning. Oh boy. JackP was ready to leave the house at 8am... just around the time I was dreaming of curling up into bed. I decided that we could get ready (mommy WILL take a shower, no matter how much you whine and cry standing by your jacket!) and go into town. No plan in mind, but Jack's therapy appointment was canceled, so we had time to do pretty much anything.

I contemplated visiting Jon, but he was stuck in a hearing. I decided that about 4 shots of espresso sounded glorious and as we drove, on our way to the coffee shop, a gleaming beam of sunshine broke through the clouds and pointed directly at...


I kept driving by. But, then I started to feel a little guilty. Here we didn't have any plans, the park totally right by us, and Jack's favorite swing, waiting for him. There wasn't anyone there, so no crowds to deal with. And the sun was shining.

Did I mention that swinging is Jack's most favorite thing in the world?

So I thought, why not? And yeah, it was 30 degrees, but we live in the mountains. Even though we left the house with Jack in his pajamas (cutest pj's ever!) and no shoes (but he had socks, I swear!), it was all good. We'd make it work. He had his nice, cozy winter jacket. Plus, did I mention the sun was shining? That adds like what... 40 extra degrees?

Boy was in heaven.

It actually felt warm. I didn't need a jacket. I just stood there, pushing him occasionally, soaking it all in. I took a deep breath, feeling rejuvenated. It was almost OK that Jack woke up so early. I could conquer the world after 20 minutes in direct sunlight!

And this.

love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

Pretty much heaven in my book.

Jack also let me stop at the bakery on the way home. So there's that.

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Julie said...

We were on the same wavelength this morning...I even took my jacket off it felt so warm! Yay!

Kasey Mathews said...

You're such a great Mama! Sunshine expresso!