Thursday, February 7, 2013

Way to go, buddy!

Oh what a difference a month makes.

Jack had been practicing his escape techniques (from school, from therapy, from whatever mommy is making him do) for quite some time. When he was done with something, he was done.

The last straw was him making a beeline for the door, getting out the door, and then down the long hallway at the hospital. Escaping from that horrible therapy place where (gasp!) they make him play.

Of course I snapped a pic. (Because preemie parents are always secretly happy when their kids break the rules and run/walk/crawl anywhere!)

But this new found free-will that Jack was exhibiting made us implement some changes, starting at school, because boy just can't get up and walk away from his school stuff. I heard from teachers that it was becoming his common avoidance strategy. Not good, buddy.

So we laid down the law. No just getting up and leaving anymore. Now Jack has to finish his little projects and sit with the rest of the kids. He has to participate in all school activities - which I'm assuming means story time, sitting in the circle time, gluing things on paper time, and wandering around the gym time.

Well wouldn't you know, this whole strategy is working. Look at my little guy today, waiting patiently by the door to go into therapy! OK. Maybe "patient" isn't the right word. Boy was banging on the door to make someone (anyone!) let him in. Maybe "eager" is a better description.

Then walking nicely down the hallway to the therapy gym.

Then, after some left-arm strengthening work, contemplating what masterpiece he will color.

And just being his cute self.

Jackpants paid attention and sat at this table for... wait for it... 30 MINUTES. That is an all-time Jack record.

Way to go, buddy.
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Julie said...

30 min!!!! Yay Jack!

Emily said...

That is awesome! :)