Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random Tidbits - LWJ Style

1) Jack spent a whole lot of time ignoring both the therapist and mama today in OT. This picture says it all. 

2) I hereby declare the rest of today (after I am done with this) as "read a good book day." Hopefully Jackpants will cooperate and be content to play with his toys and take a nap (please, God, please!). I am reading the best book right now and I'm so close to the end. What are you reading? Any good recommendations?  

3) This is Jon's super, most busy time with his job and I have a feeling we're not going to see much of him over the next two weeks. It's all good, though, because we are planning a little getaway coming up here real soon. Jack will be in heaven because it means Grams and Gramps will be watching him. Win win. 

4) Anyone ever heard of WalkAide? We are wondering if Jack could benefit. Would love to hear from you if your child uses it and has CP. 

5) I hereby declare my love for Instagram. Love love love. It's my most favorite form of social media. Less drama than Facebook, less clutter than Twitter. Just pictures. FAVORITE. 

6) really Downton Abbey?! THAT IS ALL. 

7) It's Oscar weekend! I am one of those people who camp out, watch the red carpet, critique what everyone is wearing, eat yummy food (while critiquing), drive my hubby nuts, and love every second of it. Who wants to come over? 

8) We are coming up on Jack's 4th birthday. I just cannot believe it. Since our boy is not into parties these days, we are figuring out what we can do to celebrate his big day. We want to pick something that he will truly enjoy, something a bit more low-key, but still very special. Jack's birthdays always seem to be bittersweet, no matter how many years pass. I hear this from most preemie parents. Yes, it gets easier. Yes, we celebrate our miracle boy. But there is always something in the back of my mind, reminding me of everything we've been through.  

9) I know this is Jack's space and I rarely ever write about anything beyond Preemieland. But I just had to show you a teeny tiny look into the Paris-themed brunch I threw for my friends last Saturday. 


aww mom! 

10) eeek!! We are in the midst of getting a spiffy, new redesign of Life with Jack. I won't say much more about it until we launch it, but I am so, so excited for the direction we are going! 

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Julie said...

Love the "pretend you are talking" does convey how much fun that was! Love RTLWJ! And I hope your read-a-good-book day works out mostly for your enjoyment but also because I want to borrow your book because LordHaveMercy I finally finished Les Mis. :)