Monday, February 4, 2013

On Trying To Be Something You're Not

An important life lesson, straight from Jackpants.

Don't get stuck on Instagram or Pinterest for too long. You may encounter something that will not be pleasant. This something is called the comparison curse. It's when you come upon an incredible woman who seems to have it all together.

This woman is

-skinny, but with all the right curves
-blessed with long hair ala' ombre or cute hipster bangs
-dressed straight out of a JCrew, Anthropologie, or Madewell catalogue, complete with dark rimmed glasses or Ray Bans.
-an artist, graphic designer, or photographer
-intelligent, having two Master's degrees, and reads the New Yorker amidst finishing off the great novels of our time
-married to an equally dapper dude
-a witty blogger who knows pop culture, but heavens no, is not affected by it
- an interrior designer with a funky, well decorated home, a thrift store goddess, and has the cash money to purchase all Jonathan Adler knick knacks
-mother to a cute, most well-behaved child. They are often shown crafting or making cookies together
-living somewhere infinitely cooler than where you do
-surrounded by equally beautiful friends who do all sorts of fun things together like traveling and last minute hikes or shopping trips
-healthy, in mind, body, and spirit. She has it all figured out, all the questions answered

This woman?

This woman is not real.

I know it's sad, but for a good portion of last week, I had myself a little pity party. I am never going to be that woman. And even though I logically know this - that all the Instagrammed pictures, all the warm butterfly blogging - it's all just a tiny bit fake. Still, I felt like I wasn't measuring up. And this is coming from my 30 year old, confident (most of the time) self. I'm a grown woman, who has accomplished some things. I should not even care or be worried about this. Most of the time, I'm not. But we all have our days.

My Jack lesson in all of this? The stuff only he can teach me? Jack doesn't fit in any category. He does not notice what others are thinking about him. He's just Jack and totally and wholly confident in himself. He has many labels, but we all know those don't define him. And equally, the labels someone associates with me does not define me.

Jack continues to march to the beat of his own drum and break all the norms. He doesn't try to be something he's not. He's just Jack.

And I'm just perfectly me. And that's OK.
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linda adams said...

If we could ALL learn not to try to be something that we aren't. I am so amazed at the mommy that our daughter has grown into having precious Ruthie. She also beats to her own drum and that is fine with us. So, just continue to be the wonderful mommy that you are to that precious Jack!