Wednesday, February 13, 2013

oh yes we did

I asked on our Facebook page what would be a cute and easy Valentine to make and you seriously did not disappoint. I've been giggling about this for three days now.

Cutest mustached child ever.

So about Valentines day. I love it. I love LOVE. Pink and red. Hearts. Chocolate. Flowers. Love. It's always been one of my favorites. The other day I picked up Jack's preschool newsletter. I immediately saw all the cute hearts. Awww. And then I read it. And I thought "brave, brave teachers."

Good luck with that (and thank you for introducing Jack to the wonders of fondue in the confines of somewhere other than our home!) That, my friends, is going above and beyond the call of duty.

So this morning was the infamous strawberry dipping party. Jack seemed so anxious to get out the door. He basically camped by the bathroom where I was getting ready.

Yesterday, I scrambled to get some cute little handmade hearts done to go on the treats Jack was bringing to the party. (I didn't think the fellow pre-schoolers would "get" the awesomeness of Mustached Jack. Nope. I saved that just for you guys). I like crafts and handmade things, but I looked and looked and couldn't find anything red, anything pink, anything purple. We only had green, blue, and yellow.

So, green hearts it was. And some random ice cream stickers.

It's the thought that counts.

When we got to school, I had the teacher snap this quick picture of Jack and I. He was Mr. Handsome in his pink shirt. No pink paper to be found, but by golly, a pink shirt was residing in Jack's closet! P.S. THANK YOU to Melissa, Jaime, and Auntie Erin for supplying Jack with the coolest wardrobe ever.

Word on the street is that the party went quite well. And a real mailman even came and delivered the Valentines! How cute is that?

Hope you all have a fun V-Day tomorrow! XOXO!

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