Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Officially Cutest Outfit Ever

I realized the other day that I hadn't taken my big camera out in well over a couple weeks (besides some client photo shoots). I've been relying so much on Instagram lately to capture our day to day life, that I forgot. And even though I'm a big IG fan, this isn't good, mama! So I thought the perfect occasion to take some pics would be to show off Jack's new kicks in action. 

They are seriously my most favorite shoe ever. 

I mean, seriously!


Jack's AFO's fit into these shoes even better than his old Pumas. And I swear he is walking better - more straight and more heel contact.

we went with an all-white AFO and I'm so glad we did

Oh, and one of Jack's favorite things? Opening and closing. Opening and closing. Over and over and over again. Any door, any cupboard, any toy. If you are ever at my house and using the bathroom, make sure to lock the door! (learned that one the hard way).

Officially cutest outfit ever. Bye now.

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The Westbys said...

Such a great outfit! By the way, thanks for the earlier shoe post. We have been going through shoes like we normally go through wine trying to find a pair that fit over my son's damn AFO. We currently have a pair of Vans that are great and that I think are pretty cute...but next time I'm going for New Balance.

Ashley said...

Love the shoes, but I really want to know more about that comfy looking shirt. It looks just about Bea's style!

Victoriaaa said...

Great outfit. I recently found a pair of pjs for Rio that i love, which is a rarety for me! Boys clothing just isnt as nice as girls x

Jessi said...

@The Westby's - your welcome!

And Yeah I agree, Victoriaaa! Girl clothes are so much more fun.

@Ashley, the sweatshirt is from dig this chick off Etsy. It's my most favorite ever.

Heather L said...

Very cute! He looks like such a boy / little man! I love when our Jack wears anything that makes him look like a boy, not a baby :)