Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Most Likely to Inspire You To Change The World... even just a little

I was completely floored the other night when I opened up my email. There, among Twitter and Facebook notifications, was an email from Parents magazine. It said:

"Congratulations! Your blog has been chosen as a finalist in the 2013 Parents Blog Awards! Your blog is one of five finalists in the category: “Most Likely to Inspire You to Change the World”

Voting begins at 10 a.m. ET on February 6th and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on February 24th. Winners will be announced on and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Parents magazine."

The email went on to give some specifics and to give us the handy "Vote for Jack" icon you will see below and that is now residing ever so nicely to the right of this page.

And how do I feel about this honor? Completely BLOWN AWAY. As soon as I got the email, I went and woke up Jon (yeah, it was pretty late). "Do you think this is spam or a joke!?" We did a little research. Turns out, it's not. And our little ole' blog is seen among the likes of some pretty amazing blogs (think Momastery and Single Dad Laughing ... all you blog lovers will know who I'm talking about!). I haven't checked out all the nominations for the different categories, but I plan to.

The voting period opened today, with the ability to vote once a day until the 24th. And here's where I am going to be honest with you. This whole voting thing makes me a tiny bit uncomfortable, because this space here, where I write about my miracle boy, is sacred. It is precious to me. Comparing it and voting on it just seems odd. And I also know that you could be worried about overkill. I promise that I won't inundate you with "vote for Jack! vote for Jack! vote for Jack!" too much. I know how that gets.

But let me just say this - it's pretty darn amazing that a simple, homegrown blog about a micropreemie named Jack, is getting some attention. So yeah, I gave myself a little pat on the back because I do love this so much and I put a great deal of work into it. And the cool thing is we get another opportunity to bring some awareness to prematurity, if anything.

So can I ask all you preemie loving friends a favor? Would you click on this below and vote for Life with Jack?

Parents Blog Award Finalist

Thank you!

Sincerly (and totally blown away, socks knocked off, still freaking out ever so slighlty),

Jack's mom. 

P.S. Jack doesn't seem phased. 
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Tricia said...

I hate voting contests. Immensely. On principle, I refuse to vote for them. I'm voting for Jack. Because he is that inspiration to change the world.

(And this is also about to become a larger post on my site as well.)

Jessi said...


Thank you. That means a lot coming from you!

Jen Tang said...

I voted because I have come to really like your boy. I also like your photos! I am not of the micro preemie nor parents of special needs kids, but I care. Your blog makes me care and it has inspired me to provide the bit that I can to the NICU of my hospital. Go Jack!

Jessi said...

Jen thank you so much! And to hear that you are helping out your local NICU! That is music to my ears.

Sarah Bolynn said...

I voted for you today, and you had the majority! Go Jack!!

Jessi said...

Thanks Sarah!