Monday, February 25, 2013

Mommy Blogger

I've noticed a shift as of late. A slow changing of the tide.

It only took (almost) four years.

I am no longer annoyed, aggravated, put-off, mad, or jealous by mommy blogs. In fact, I read some of them... quite religiously. If anyone is shocked by this development, it's me. I used to loathe mommy blogs, magazine, and authors outside of the preemie genre. The content of their quibbles, the wah wah wah of their minuscule problems, the incessant bragging. It all Got. Under. My. Skin.

But something happened.

Maybe it was time? Maybe it was coming to full acceptance? Maybe I just woke up out of my grumpy self? Who knows. But the flowery words and the baking chocolate chip cookies every single day writing? I see through it now. I see it for what it is. Full of crock and sprinkled with a bit of truth. Most of us moms are just trying to do our best and put our best foot forward. And most of the time, "the best" is what makes it on a blog. So now I get it. And once I was able to grasp this truth, I could read pretty much anything and actually enjoy it for what it is.

I still have eye-roll moments. Usually around the time when the writer starts complaining about some sort of perceived "problem". Preemie mamas know exactly what I am talking about. Because we've earned the right to judge a problem as truly important or not... right? Because we've seen life and the death, the heartache, the worry. I totally understand if you are not ready to read mommy blogs. I understand that they can be hurtful and annoying.

But you guys, there are some really good ones out there. When you are ready, give it a try. And I can recommend my favorites, just shoot me a message.

In a much broader sense, why am I now able to read mommy blogs? Simply, I no longer care. My investment in someone else's words only goes so far. I have decided to care about what's important in my own life. I find so much strength in our story, in our place in life, in this world. I feel such a connection to other mothers who have been there. I am healed, so to speak. Reading some mommy blogs won't change how I feel about myself or our life.

Confession? Some of my favorite blogs out there are mommy blogs. And I'm proud to be included under that big, wide tent.

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