Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jack's New Kicks

I feel that as a preemie parent, I am always trying to find the silver lining in otherwise less-than-ideal situations. Can you relate? Case in point:

Jack's braces. He has to wear AFO's to help the heels of his feet land on the floor properly when he walks.

They are kinda bulky, and oftentimes, cumbersome. It took me a good month to totally figure out how to get them on quickly and correctly. It adds time to our already rushed, get ready in the morning routine. It's just one of those preemie things that make me feel all UGH.

But, they help my boy walk. And you can't put a value on that amazingness. And the silver lining here?

Ridiculously cute shoes.

With braces, you have to pick shoes that are wide enough at the opening and wide enough at the toe. And always with laces. No easy velcro will work. Jack has worn his signature white Pumas since he started walking, but come to find out, they are no longer made...wah! So it's a new pair of blue kicks.

I just love these. They look so "Jack" to me.

Silver linings, friends.

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amy said...

oh girl - don't i know it! I drove myself crazy looking for shoes for the AFO's the first go -round. not now...right to new balance! :-) only ones that work!!! we've got the grey ones right now!!! can you believe how FEW kids shoes are VELCRO and up to the BIGGEST big kid sizes!!! I think it's horrible!! Kids don't know how to tie their shoes anymore!!!

Laura said...

Ah, my husband feels your pain! He wears AFOs due to a bone disorder and they are tearing at his shoes! I will have to tell him to double check New Balance (he loves the shoes but had written them off).

I hear you on the shoes. We were at Stride Rite and they have a new line of itty bitty baby soft shoes. I was melting into a puddle over the shoes and my little boys were baffled at me!

Joanna B said...

Those are super cute, thanks for sharing! We are adopting a little boy with delays, and club feet, who will be in casts and then afos. I will have to order some of these!

Sus said...

My daughter also wears AFOs and we always buy new balance extra-wide. Perfect!