Monday, February 11, 2013


It's Monday and the sun is shining. No mind that it's 5 degrees. It feels warm. My heart feels warm.

I can't tell you exactly why, but this morning I feel just... blessed. I did nothing in particular the first few hours of my day that was super important or out of the ordinary. I got Jack ready and dropped him off at school, came home and took a quick shower (oh the luxury of showering without worrying about Jack getting into things!), ran a couple errands, and then picked Jack up again.

I'm sure the rest of my day will be consistently average, too. And you know, I am so OK with average. Oh how I longed for these days when Jack was in the NICU. I could only dream of the time where my boy would be big, strong, and healthy enough to be in preschool. That I could live a life away from worrying each second about Jack's health.

It's a lightness, a burden lifted, that I am feeling today. Average is oh so good.

P.S. I was over at Papas of Preemies today. I know what you're thinking - isn't that a dad's website where Jon sometimes blogs? Yes, you would be correct, but I was asked to write about my man and the reasons I am thankful for him. Perfect for this week of love, if you ask me (yes, I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to V-day. Little pink and red hearts and the excuse to eat chocolate? Count me in!).

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Anonymous said...

Taking our little guy to the dr. today after 13 days of something hanging on that popped up a fever this past weekend. We're a year behind you...longing for AVERAGE.

Thanks for always sharing!!! Everyone can always use a little hope!