Monday, January 14, 2013

When Jack Gets in a Fight

Jack has a classmate as school that I hear about a lot. Apparently, Jack and this classmate "get into it" quite a bit. They are around the same size, age, and development level. They often seek each other out of the group to tease, fight, and play.

And you know what? I absolutely love to hear this.

Call me crazy, but to hear from a teacher that Jack is acting in typical kid fashion, towards another kid, well, it makes me one proud mama. This morning the teacher told me that they were fighting over a bowling ball game in the gym and Jack yelled out "Ow!" when he got in a scuffle. Enter appropriate word for appropriate activity. Good job, buddy!

Yep. Around these parts, we celebrate when Jack gets in a fight.

I am painfully aware that as Jack gets older (and if I guess right) he continues to forge his own path, that social interactions may be hard for him. He probably won't have the childhood that I had - full of typical kid activities, full of friends, sleepovers, birthday parties, and the like. He may get left out. Honestly, I will probably mourn this about our journey. It breaks my mama heart, but I have to remind myself that if Jack isn't noticing, then it's probably not a big deal... although it sure hurts my feelers.

Still, I rejoice each and every time I hear of Jack reacting in a typical way to a social situation. Of playing with another kid. And yes, even when he fights with another kid. Those are good things, my friends.

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Ashley said...

You guys could move to North Carolina. We'd invite you to all our activities and parties :) PS: Bea came home last week and said "Alexander kissed me today". Husby was at the school the next day to meet Alexander! Her first date is doomed, I'm afraid.

Shannon said...

Very good things, indeed!

becky p said...

I couldn't agree more! Once again, you have said everything that is in my heart. Jack man, you are amazing!