Tuesday, January 15, 2013

this is supposed to be fun, right?

We've had a string of dark, yucky, freezing winter days. I was on the phone with my mom when the sun peeked through the clouds. I told her that it was so nice to see the sunshine and she mentioned that we should take Jack out on the sled. Get some fresh air. Feel the "warmth" of the sun on our skin. I thought, sure, why not? Sun and a fresh dumping of snow would be fun, right? 

So we got Jackpants bundled up. We grabbed extra blankets. We got ourselves bundled up and we were out!

So pretty. 

You don't mess around with temperatures in the single digits. I am talking about 5 degrees here, folks. We made sure Jack had on a bazillion layers. I should have known that this would aggravate Jack a bit. He started to act a little whiny, but we pressed on. I knew if he was going to fuss it wouldn't be because it was cold. It would be because he was all bundled up, hood on, hands under the blankets. We kept reassuring him that once we started sledding, he would have fun. 

Trust us! This will be fun! (famous last words). 

so not impressed

Here we go!

 Up our long driveway.

Almost there!

Then it's the countdown. 3... 2.... and Jack says "dee!" (his word for go, please, up, stop, etc).


At least we know someone was having fun. Dog is practically smiling.

Mama's turn!


What's wrong, Jackpants?

Sorry, buddy. You want to be done and go inside? One look at that quivering lip and sledding is officially over for the day.

I have to giggle when I look at these pictures. Jack clearly didn't want to go sledding, but we try!
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Ashley said...

Okay- 1: Seriously, that snow? Amazing. We have crappy rain and weird fluctuating weather patterns here. And 2? He looks like the little brother Randy on A Christmas Story in the last photo. Mama, I can't put my arms down!

Jackie said...

So jealous! 70 degrees all weekend and now we need Noah to build us a arc. Love his pitiful face! At least y'all tried!

paradoxnurse said...

Sweet pictures!! I love that last one. How do you not say "Ok, Jack Man, you win...no more sledding"!! It looks so beautiful there with all the snow.