Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Jack Stool

The cuteness of this is almost too much. 

Jack got a special stool from Gramps two Christmases ago. Cheeks, along with his friend, handmade it with great love. It's pretty much my favorite and now, you can even see it at the top of this blog and on our FB page. 

I wanted to share a more close-up view with all of you. 

Yep. The top is a letter puzzle. So adorable, huh?

The stool stays in Jack's room. These days he is using it as something to brace himself on when standing up. It's the perfect height and size.

I am such a fan of primary colors these days. I am thinking of doing a little update on Jack's room using the stool colors as my inspiration. My little guy is no longer a baby (wah!) and the baby blues and tans were precious for a time. But wouldn't this be a great starting place?

What a treasure.
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Beverly said...

That stool is priceless. It's beautiful. What a wonderful gift. I think the room done in primary colors will be perfect. I love the primary colors.

Rosie Keisha said...

That stool may spell "JacK" but it says "LOVE"! What a precious keepsake...so original and beautiful!

Jackie said...

Precious!! and I love the idea of primary colors for his room!