Wednesday, January 30, 2013

sulking, whining, and just a little stir crazy

Cold, dark, and dreary January. Oh how I've come to loathe you. I'm torturing myself by dreaming all things road trip, vacation, sunshine, and flip flops. Ugh.

Now, before all you RSV isolation mamas get mad at me for complaining, hear me out.

You have it SO much worse than I do. I know with every ounce of my being how much it sucks (for lack of a better word) to be stuck at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during this time of year. It is so hard. It is lonely. And it is gloomy. This is my nod to you guys, because I don't have any excuse. Just a bad, spring fever attitude.

I texted back and forth all day long yesterday with Jon. Basically "wah wah wah, woe is me, I am going stir crazy, how much longer till our little getaway?, etc., etc., etc." Part of the problem is I'm not seeing my man much these days (his busy time with work) and that makes me even more cranky.

So today is a NEW DAY.

After sufficiently sulking, I have a new found new resolve to make these next couple of months better. And here's what I'm going to do.

- get up, get active. Even though I can't be outside much because it is 10 degrees, I am still going to try to move this body of mine. Bring on the endorphins! For me, this means I am going to get my hiney on my elliptical machine and make it to my most favorite yoga class at least once a week. I need to move. I CRAVE movement. Too much screen time, laying around time, just makes me cranky.

- plan a brunch. Brunch is my most favorite meal. EVER. Sweet and savory food allowed all at once? Bring it on. Last year I had a brunch around this very time and it gave me something to look forward to. Really, it's just a good excuse to cook yummy food and get my favorite ladies around my table.

french themed awesomeness. wish I could invite you all! 

- read my book pile. This is always on my to do list, but sometimes there are days that pass without me cracking open a book. That's sad. There is no better excuse than freezing cold weather to read. Any of you reading something good? Let me know! I am always looking...

- sleep, sleep, sleep. The past few months have been a foggy mess. I haven't blogged much about Jack's sleeping issues, but it's been kinda brutal. You never realize how important sleep is until you are not getting enough. For me, this means I should go to bed at 9pm, even if my favorite TV show is on. Sleep is much too precious.

- take pictures. Plain and simple, nothing fulfills my creative cup more than getting out there and doing this thing I love.

- declutter. Gosh, I love a good spring cleaning session. I love going through my house and getting boxes full of stuff to donate or throw in the dump. I am one of those odd ducks that loves collecting things but thrives in a minimalist environment. Clean and organized is where I need to go.

This brings me to you - how do you stay happy and healthy when the winter doldrums hit?
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Jenny said...

I always wake up with something to look forward to during the day....whether it be a special organization project, good book, mint face mask, flavored coffee, movie, grocery run, DIY project, music, etc.:) :)

Jessi said...

@Jenny - I love your attitude! said...

I'm right in the midst of the RSV isolation and it is boring, lonely, boring, tedious, depressing and boring! I am, of course, so grateful to have Nora home but I'm a go-er and a do-er and I'm just coming off of an age of bedrest and I haven't been anywhere since Tuesday...when I took Nora to the eye doctor and before that I hadn't been anywhere for eight days, when I took Lila for a flu shot and before that, I hadn't been anywhere but the NICU the day we brought Nora home. I'm getting through it by having carefully screened, illness free company every day, starting some new netflix shows, eating too much junk food and savoring the sweet moments. Not just with Nora, though I could stare at her all day...but with all six kids. We almost didn't get these moments, Nora and I. I almost didn't get to come home again to my others after having I try and remember how short life is and that even though some days I might feel like I'm going to Lose It...this too shall pass. It'll be spring and we can get outside and go places and have fun and I'll look back on this and...well, maybe laugh, maybe cry...but it'll be over!