Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Round 2

More family came to visit the Bennion compound this past weekend. Side note: I'm not sure if it's ever been explained to you all why we refer to our lovely abode as a compound. It's just a little tongue and cheek because we definitely live in an area that prides itself on self-reliance, living off the land, hunting, etc. We laugh because Jon and I are totally lacking in those aforementioned areas. But, we do have a couple outbuildings on our property and Jon says all that's missing from our land is a watchtower. He's totally joking... I think. Anyway, we had ourselves a proper Christmas, Round 2, with some of Jon's family on the Bennion compound.

We don't get to see Jon's sister, Emily, who lives on the East Coast or his brother, Chris (and his family), who live in Utah all that often. Jack was so, so excited to have not only them, but Grandma and Grandpa Bennion, to visit too. Since he is working on that whole communication thing, the only way he could deal with all his happy emotions was to scream out in joy. He screamed so much, you guys. It was hilarious. I'm surprised he still has a voice this week. Boy was HAPPY.

lots of play time and even more empty boxes/wrapping paper to get into!

beautiful cousin Sophie


think we could get Jack away from his shows? Fat chance! 


Jon cooked up a yummy dinner and then breakfast the next morning. Then they were off. Our time together was short, but full of memory-making.

Jack says come back soon, ya hear!
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Ashley said...

How fun! Jack appears to be a very, very loved little boy! And also... a husband who cooks?!? You're a lucky girl!