Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old, new, and everything in between.

Grams came to the rescue yet again this weekend. We had a calendar full of parties, meetings, and important events that we had to be at.  Jon said goodbye to a job he's had for 7 years (and the one that was so supportive and helpful when we had Jack) and said hello to a new one. 

Let me tell you, what a weekend!

I am naturally (or maybe because of RSV isolation?) a homebody. I love my cozy nights at home with my little fam. But I will tell you it was kind of fun to have an excuse to get all dressed up and out the door, night after night.

Here's how it went:

Thursday: Bon Voyage party at Jon's office. Jackpants in tow (for about 20 minutes). Jack gets crabby. Doesn't like crowd. Grams comes and picks him up. Continue on with the party. Meet and greet. Then dinner out with my man. I had my nice camera for just a bit of it and got some last shots of Jack wandering around the office.  

could possibly win best bed-head award

Oh, just standing. LIKE A BOSS.

Grams to the rescue!

bye daddy

continuing the celebration later that night

Friday: Last day of work for Jon at old office. Very bittersweet. Then evening holiday party with the old office, after the holidays. Whoever came up with that idea is brilliant. It was nice to celebrate after the craziness of Christmas and New Years.  Grams watches Jack, so another date night!

Saturday: Shopping/errands with Grams. Coffee. Jack takes a nap. Grams has the magic touch. Jack plays with new iPad for 30 minutes straight (this is the kid that takes at least 6 months to warm up to a new toy). That evening, you guessed it, a another date night with my man. Wow, we are spoiled.

Sunday: Breakfast at favorite spot. Coffee. Car decides to go on the fritz. Heater won't work. It's 10 degrees out! Down to one car. Birthday party in the evening with friends.

more coffee? sure, why not.

fun to get out of the yoga pants every once and awhile

Monday: Jon's first day on the new job. Special photography assignment for me! Jack at preschool. Monday night another event.

pretty nice view out of the new office! 

on assignment! 

And now I'm exhausted. Thanks, Grams, for making our weekend run smoothly! Back to real life... in yoga pants.
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Ashley said...

I'm exhausted just reading all those activities! You deserve a couple Starbucks after all that! And I'm loving that red coat and fancy white top!