Friday, January 11, 2013

Nuts and Bolts

- Just a little housekeeping for our Friday -

I don't write much about this, but the whole right side of Life with Jack is open for advertising. I outlined the details here, but I wanted to put it out there again for anyone thinking of expanding their their blog or getting more traffic to their website. There is space for you!

Nitty gritty details:

Here at Life with Jack, we are averaging about 80,000 page views per month. We have seen continued growth and expect that trajectory to keep on going up. The rates for sponsorship are very reasonable. In other words, I ain't getting rich off of this! But, it does bring a little extra support for this blogging adventure. If you would like more information, please email me at

Happy Friday!


You're not happy with me?

You thought there would be at least one cute Jack picture in today's post?


I guess I can help ya out.

Will this flashback do?

Jackpants at 8 months old, 4 months corrected. Twinsies.

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Shannon said...

LOVE that pic! Challenge: An updated pic of the twinsies!!

Jessi said...

ooh.. that is a good challenge AND a good excuse to do some shopping...