Thursday, January 3, 2013

just these 3 things

Short and simple today.

We just want three things for 2013 when it comes to Jack. Besides staying healthy, our big goals are:

1) communication - whether verbal or with the iPad, our biggest goal for this year is helping Jack communicate. Anything to know what's going on inside that sweet head of our boy. All week long, Jon and I have been noticing that Jack, on a cognitive level, gets so much more than what we have ever thought. Because he's not speaking, it's often hard to know how much he is taking in, how much he understands. But let me tell you guys this - boy knows a whole lot. There's nothing I want more than to hear my sweet Jackpant's voice. We are going to work hard for that!

2) stairs - this is such a big safety issue. Jack can't go up and down stairs yet. I want to get this gross motor skill crossed off the list by 2014. I'm pretty sure we can do it. We got Jack a little stepping stool to help him practice. A step up, a step down, a step up, a step down. Over and over and over again, we will work at it.

Maybe this will help him when it comes to potty training? Notice we didn't make that a goal for 2013.... one thing at a time, my friends! I'm not saying it couldn't happen. Jack just has to be more than ready (physically, mentally, etc.) for that one.

3) Drinking - We are still using Jack's feeding tube to give him water. JackP only takes tiny sips throughout the day. Definitely not enough to keep hydrated. I would love love love to get rid of the tube once and for all come 2014.

You can do it, Jackpants!

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A Polymer Penchant said...

He sure can!

Nicole said...

I hope Jack meets all three goals this year! My daughter is in the exact same position as far as drinking...eats everything, but only takes sips, therefore we still tube water. In fact, we also did our wean in Seattle :-) I was hoping you might share some of your team's strategies. You can email me privately if you wish. God Bless and many prayers for your family this year!