Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just Some IG Cuteness

From today.

Don't let the smile fool ya. Boy was trying all through therapy to escape. One time he was successful and I had to run and catch him about halfway down the hall!

Cutie is working here on occupational therapy. Of course starting things off with swinging (his favorite). We are specifically working on teaching him how to grasp onto the rope with his left hand. Jack's cerebral palsy affects the motor function of his left side, so we do lots of different exercises with that in mind.

And you will notice the therapist blocking his "good side" and making him play with the toy using only his left hand. Jack was so proud of himself that he was able to make the toy go!

And yeah, pretty tired by the end.

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Mary said...

Started following you on Instagram!

amy said...

love how she is blocking his hand and it's in such a sneaky way :-) gotta love a good OT or PT!!!

Ashley said...

Yep, recognize that stare as the "I'm not telling you I'm tired, but please... save me from myself and put me down for a nap" stare.