Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jack at Home

I've been letting Tuesday's post sink in. I didn't feel the need to blog yesterday, because sometimes it's OK to be silent. To let the blog be silent. 

Instead, I spent the time following Jack around the house with my camera, documenting his little life. I show you guys maybe 3% of the photos I actually take, but let me tell you - Jack loves his routine. He has his favorite toys. His favorite activities. He is most "Jack" in his element, at home. I am almost positive this is because Jack has easy access to everything, can process everything he is seeing, and feels comfortable. Ya know, just typical micro preemie sensory stuff. 

To illustrate this further, we were over at a friend's house for a quiet morning coffee and Jack spent the entire time going between three activities: 1) standing by the door (hoping to sneak out and go home), 2) reading a favorite book (thank goodness said friend owns Jack's favorite), and 3) sitting on my lap while asking to leave by giving sweet kisses and twirling my hair (Yes, I know you are trying to butter me up, Jackpants, but we are staying here and experiencing this different environment whether you want to or not!). 

Boy just loves his familiar surroundings and routine. 

All this to say, a lot of my photos end up looking very similar. When Jack is in his bedroom, he is probably playing with his little guitar or with his (loud, obnoxious) plastic farm toy. 

I love shooting just for me. I think differently when I am photographing my own. I am not so concerned about what Jack is wearing. Hello cartoon Elmo, baggy sweats, and crazy hair. Of exposure, lighting, and composition. No, I am just interested in capturing him, doing what he loves. 

At home. 

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Christi said...

I swear Jack and Gus have so much in common! Gus has started saying, while we're out and about, "I want to go Hoooooome" Gus would also love those same toys AND would love to be hanging out wearing that darling Elmo shirt!

amy said...

HOME....Ryan likes to be at home too. But at 3 & 4, all my kids were like that. They wanted their bed, their yous and the things they are so very used to. Because we travel so much with soccer, Ryan has been in a zillion hotels and no matter what hotel, beach cottage or cousins house - he walks in, looks at the bed and says "this is NOT my bed".....hahaha...

paradoxnurse said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

For those LOUD farm toys and others, a makeup sponge and a little duct tape/packing tape go a long way :)

Blessings and thank you for being honest!