Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Therapy Guilt

A fellow preemie mama asked me the other week what types of therapy Jack is in and how often we go. I kind of had to chuckle because as of right now, Jack is going to therapy about once a week. That's all! Doesn't sound like very much, does it? Especially when you read about kids having therapy sometimes three times a day. Who can actually fit that crazy amount into their schedule, into their life?

How much is enough? And how do we not feel guilty when we hear of others who are seemingly doing so much more and maybe even different, alternative therapies?

Because of where we live, we just don't have the option unless we travel. I used to spend lots of time feeling bad about this (and I still do sometimes), but I've had to come to peace with where we live. We trade this way of life, the beauty of our state, the community we live in, for many things (like access to certain types of therapy). But some things you can't put a price tag on (like family, friends, and jobs... OK, maybe you can put a price tag on that last one!). It's about learning how to be content with what you've got - such a continual theme for me lately!

This year I've been letting go of the therapy guilt. This fall, we've cut down Jack's therapy time. We try to have speech therapy weekly and occupational therapy every other week. We are not traveling to our other therapy clinic this winter (the one that's two hours away with physical therapy and feeding therapy) because driving in the icy snow, with Jack in the car, is not my cup of tea. Plus, we just travel as a family way too much. It was getting too busy, with each and every minute filled. I don't operate that well unless I have plenty of down time.

One thing I feel we've been good at is doing our therapy homework. When a therapist gives us something to do, I try my best to do it at least every day. Like in physical therapy for example, we are supposed to be working on going up and down stairs. I try to just fit this into our daily schedule, into our life. It only takes five minutes. Pretty easy, huh? I don't need to travel into an appointment to do this. I can do it at home. Less time in therapy equals more time hanging out, living our life.

Our biggest priority this year? Getting Jack used to school. Working on communication. Everything else I'm not going to stress about.

P.S. totally off topic, but we got our bill from when Jack got botox about a month ago. Guess the damage? $9,000!! That's some pretty expensive botox. Thank God for good insurance!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! I've been feeling guilty about not getting my son involved in early intervention yet. I just feel he's not ready due to some needed surgeries/treatments that I think may resolve some things and his age. Even when you've consulted your care team and prayed about it, that mommy guilt can pile up fast! Also, good job on doing your homework, Mama! :)

Anonymous said...

We have weekly early intervention therapy with an OT. Our early intervention is mainly parent led, full of a lot of therapy homework (I like that). We recently started seeing an SLP outside the home for feeding therapy for one.... with this I feel like I'm on the other side of the fence and wish that we had more access to therapy that addressed all my concerns. I am thankful for what we do have but cannot help but wonder if some of the areas we struggle with wouldn't have been better addressed earlier on with more aggressive therapy vs the wait and see approach by the professionals that was taken.

Jessi said...

I hear ya! It's a balance that is so hard to find. We want the best for our little ones - the best therapist, stuff that actually works, people that care and take the time to research and do what is right for our little ones. But we often can't get everything that we want... especially when living in places where you just can't find it. I feel like this is the first year where I am letting go of the guilt. We try our best. Yes, this may be an "easier" year for Jack therapy-wise. I want to be OK with that.... no more therapy guilt! :) Easier said than done, right...

Grace Stewart said...

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