Friday, December 28, 2012

The BIG Christmas recap

This beautiful handmade sign, given by a friend, really sums up our Christmas this year. Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing and spending time with our little family.

I'm pretty sure I got a million pictures of Jack like this, in front of the tree. Never gets old.

We are still getting Christmas and New Years cards. Love love love them.

I did a whole lot of this over the past few days. Love love love that, too.

Always, always on the go now.

I'm a firm believer that mama needs to get in some pictures, too. For this I set up my camera and tried not to cheesily smile. No, this is not a Rice Chex ad. I was making some Christmas treats while Jon was at work. Good time for a self-portrait, right?

It still makes me giggle.

Oh and I wore that same shirt for four days straight.

Major Christmas props if you can guess that movie.

Moving on. I had to get a few shots of some of my favorite ornaments. Here is a new one.


Maybe Christmas in Paris one day...

I'm almost certain daddy is working on his iPad here. As you can see, Jack is really into it. Perfect timing for Jack's very own iPad coming soon, ready for communication apps!

Christmas Eve we woke up to a gorgeous white covering of snow and it came down all day. Gorgeous white Christmas!

Jack still loves his tried and true music toy.

Love my boy so much.

OK so I debated long and hard about if I was going to post this picture. I decided that in the name of Christmas honesty, I would go for it. Here I am, dressed in all my red and green finery. Hair all crazy. Two things: 1) I really, really like Christmas. 2) I did my hair eventually.

Jack actually looked quite adorable (not just goofy like his mama). Plaid on plaid. Dressed up like the dapper gentleman he is.

The chef extraordinaire fixed out of this world lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner. With the Italian sausage he made with his friend a couple of days before. I don't have any finished-product pictures and that's a shame. It was so good.

This next set of pictures makes me so happy. Waiting for Grams and Gramps arrival.

After playing with Gramps for awhile, Jack took a snooze. Grams always has the magic touch.

Christmas morning we dressed Jack in the cutest red Christmas sweater, cranked up the holiday tunes, and had a yummy breakfast.

My Christmas boy.

I hope you all know the awesomeness that is peppermint mocha creamer.

Jack helped daddy cook Christmas dinner. Beef Burgundy. Quickly becoming a tradition.

Then it was present time.

Boy loved his new football.

All the Christmas excitement and Jack was out for a long, long nap.

Christmas 2012.
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Brandi Powell said...

aww, joy! He looks so grown up! Beautiful pictures as always! Merry Christmas!

Jackie said...

You're so cute! I LOVE your shirt! AC said, "Mommy, she wears her hair all crazy like you!" Wonderful pics and memories! Jealous of the Christmas was 55 degrees here.

Amy Sullivan said...

Love that you share your life here. Love that you wore the same shirt for four days...really, it makes me like you more.

Amanda said...

Love love love all these precious photos!!! And "Home Alone"is one of my favorite Christmas movies and I'm extremely jealous of that shirt!!!

Tatum said...

What a beautiful Christmas! Jack was made for the camera.

Anonymous said...

Just two, do you ever get impatient with your son. Your love, patience and devotion is so evident in your writing and I find myself thinking that you never get frustrated, mad or impatient - this is a compliment by the way (I am not sure if it comes across that way, but it is indeed a compliment). Two, your husband should really try using no bake lasagna noodles - they are delicious and they make the whole process so easy!