Thursday, December 27, 2012

teeny tiny Christmas recap

We're having a quiet morning after the busyness of the past few days. I have a lot of photographs that I haven't yet edited that I want to show you. I promise to just as soon as I get to it. For now, we are taking it easy. Soaking up the winter quiet of this in-between time. My plan today is reading a big, fat ole' book. Covering up in my new super soft throw and sipping some tea. And Jack's plan is to watch his new Elmo's and play with his new toys and let mommy read a book. (right)

Christmas was really wonderful. Beyond the time with family (my parents came over), the great food (my husband the chef), and the general Christmas cheer, for the first time Jack really noticed what was going on. He opened presents. He played with presents. He was especially happy with his new, soft football and played catch for quite a long time. Turn-taking AND eye-hand coordination? We'll take it!

Jack also napped for two hours Christmas day. That hasn't happened in FOREVER. All the excitement may have been a little overwhelming for him, but he was a trooper.

For a little one who marches to the beat of his own drum, it was so special to see him take part in typical family Christmas stuff. It's one of those things you dream about for your child when you have a micropreemie... wondering what their life will be like and if they will be able to enjoy the special things like Christmas morning. Honestly, it's the stuff you take for granted unless it doesn't come so easy for your kid. Things like opening presents, participating, showing happiness, being able to process what is going on around you. This may sound all gibberish to some, but to a micropreemie parent, you get it.

On Christmas Eve we decided to deck Jack out in plaid. As a friend called it, "plaid on plaid." Cutest thing ever.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - full of health and happiness! I know this is a scary time of year for a lot of us, with sickness going around. My FB newsfeed was filled with many of you talking about sickness and colds, even with some in the hospital or desperately trying to stay out of the hospital. I just want you to know I am thinking of you and praying! The Holidays aren't always so easy. Many of you were away from family because of RSV isolation. I get it and it's not easy. If you are feeling bittersweet about it, read this post. You are not alone!

Bye for now!

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A Polymer Penchant said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful Christmas you had. My micropreemie is now 2and a half and the biggest issue is speech (yes I know how very lucky I am). She has come amazing strides and one line I heard all leading up to Christmas was "I don't like Santa Claus" and "I don't like presents" So I had to giggle and shrug when after a couple hours openning and playing along the way she turned her back on the last four presents saying and nodding to me "open later, open later" handing me the new toy "be this one". Oh yes special Christmas full of so many words!

Tatum said...

I love the plaid bow tie. How adorable is that?! I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas. There is something about 3 year-olds that makes Christmas really special. Also, thanks for the link, Jessi!