Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 Favorites

My 2012 favorites. This was hard, because I only chose one per month. You may think I'm talking about blog posts, but nope.

Pictures. My favorite.













See ya next year!

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The Kimmels said...

Love that one of him sleeping :) Cohen and Jack have the same dino jammies too!

amy said...

love the year in review :-) he is such a dang cutie! and I agree - the one of him sleeping is my favorite! Happy New Year to you my preemie blogging mommy friend! we still need to chat re botox and casting...think of us on Wednesday morning - we go for the first real teeth cleaning! of course he is NOT looking forward to it..funny - if i say it's like going to the orthodontist, that doesn't bother him! that's what happens with 3 older sibling and braces! :-) UGG!

Tatum said...

It's beautiful to look back and see how much Jack has matured in the last year - Born Amazing, Always Amazing, sweet Jack. BTW - agree on that sleeping picture. Award winning cute.

Kasey Mathews said...

I love them all, but for me, July takes the cake!

Rebecca M said...

I've been a "stalker" on your blog for a few months now, but always felt a connection since my husband's family is from MT. Anyway, we were driving around Billings today and saw Bennion Dental - totally thought of you!

Our daughter Emma was born at 23.1 weeks in July 2011. (We were in the same NICU in Minneapolis as Tatum's son Owen.)I've loved following your blog and seeing updates on Jack - he is just SUCH a cutie. I think the Halloween pictures are still my favorite!

Happy New Year!

Jessi said...

That's so funny, Rebecca! Yeah that's Grandpa Bennion's office. It's always fun to hear from people with MT connections. Thanks for commenting. Love hearing from you and about your 23 weeker. Not many of us out there!

Babs said...

I love them all!!

marta said...

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