Thursday, December 13, 2012

Helping Jack Communicate

Today was our first attempt at using the ipad as a communication device for Jack. I've been hearing story after story that this is the ticket for many kids with issues like Jack. We have high hopes that this amazing piece of technology will help bridge this gap between a non verbal Jack and a verbal Jack.

Our amazing therapy team met up and introduced Jack to his first communication app. Jackpants caught on quick, which was very encouraging.

We used the ipad to motivate him. If he wanted to swing or bounce, he had to touch the screen to see the picture/movie of that specific activity. Eventually, we hope that he can find the picture of what he wants/needs on the ipad and show mommy and daddy what he is trying to communicate. The cool thing about these communicative apps is that you can tailor them with all different sorts of pictures and sounds.

Jack loves his Auntie Julie. 

Boy was so cute today. He was so tired from waking up at 5am. His little eyes got real heavy and he almost fell asleep right on the swing. Love.

I will be sure to let you know how this goes!
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The Raleigh Collins said...

Can't wait to hear how this works out! Apple needs to feature your boy in an ad for this!!

Tricia said...

We use our iPad with both muppets! My mom is a speech pathologist so she's brought us all the latest apps from the "industry."

Both guys can talk now, but it really helped bring Caden out of his shell since he had some hearing difficulties.

Go Jack Go! (Cute beyond belief.)

Julie said...

I have the best.job.ever. :) Tricia - I would be interested in which apps you guys have used, if you are comfortable sharing that, could you email them to me at or to Jessi?

Breanna said...

I would also love to know which app you are using. My son is a non verbal 2 1/2 year old preemie and he loves his ipad. Unfortunately the only app his speech therapist knows about is 80.00. We are trying to get him to sign for now and see how that goes before we put so much money into something like that.

Annie said...

Hi tricia, i ama speech pathologist too - please wont u let me know what the apps are called? Id appreciate it alot! Still very new to ipad... :)

Amy Sullivan said...

It's funny. As much as I complain about technology, the many ways it's helping so many kiddos is pretty, darn amazing....and look at the good you do here by sharing about your (and Jack's!) experience.

You are a voice of comfort and a resource for many!