Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 Things

1) Please don't forget about the awesome opportunity to bless families in the NICU this Christmas. They would like the donations by the 20th, so this weekend is a great time to get them in the mail! If you need any motivation or are still trying to decide if you want to help out, just look at these pictures.

nurses that set up photoshoots are the best kind of nurses

All these pictures were graciously given when I put the call out for real pictures of being in the NICU during Christmas. Thank you! Click here for full details on the card drive.

2) I really, truly appreciate every "like", every tweet, every comment, every message, every email. I read them all. I love connecting with all of you through this amazing community. This week I have especially been blessed with the most thoughtful emails. I love hearing from you. My contact is

3) This is so my life right now

love that Lisa captured this very real moment

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1 comment:

Walden Mommy said...

Ah, that baby in the santa suit with the teddy bear!!!! So cute!!! Needs more exclamation points!!!! Want to kiss those cheeks!

All these pics are too stinkin' sweet!