Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Making of a President

There were times the past couple of months where I didn't think we'd come up with anything clever for Jack's Halloween costume. I even bought a little comfy Superman outfit because we were having no such luck in the costume search. I think it's because we just put way too much pressure on ourselves to out-do each previous year of the "Jack" theme.

Last year, the year of the Lumber Jack, was too cute for words. His little beard! His plaid shirt! His "work boots"! His ax!

photo by Lisa Kunkel, cuteness by Mr. Lumber Jack

How could we possibly top this? We kicked a few ideas around. Searched the internet for costumes that didn't cost an exorbitant amount of money. For one idea, we found an amazing costume on Etsy.... but it cost  $70. Definitely above our price range!

We kept on coming back to this.

This is a rare campaign button and pretty much the only one that uses "Jack" that we could find in our research. Jon and I are both self-professed political/history nerds. Going perfect with the Jack theme, we decided that our boy could dress up as JFK, John F. Kennedy, "Jack" Kennedy. Something to go along with this election season, right? We needed a little suit to seal the deal, but I was having a hard time finding one in our small town. Everything on the internet was pretty steep in price, until we finally got on Ebay and found a 3T suit for $17. Sold!

For me, the biggest part of capturing Jack in his costume was getting a good picture. Hello photographer-as-a-mom!... but I wanted to try and recreate a very presidential and fun looking photograph. Here's a little behind the scenes.

The making of a President. 

We went to Jon's office to take the picture. Pay no attention to our totally packed full of stuff car. This is what happens when you are traveling right after a photo shoot in a smallerish vehicle with a dog and a kid! 

This was a full suit, people! 

Yes, they are totally matching

Sorry, friends! I needed a frame for our Marilyn picture and grabbed the first one I saw as I ran out the door. 

Setting the scene. Presidential seal printed off the internet. Flag and podium from Jon's office. 

Photography "mistakes" are often the coolest pics! 

Ok buddy! Just stand right here and look at mama. Smile!

Or... let's try this. 

uhh... who is that? 

Finally, after many many tries, the finished product.

Awesome, huh?! I love the vintage-y look of it. I added some grain in my editing to make it look like it was straight from the 60's. We added our inspiration button to the top. Even though we took SO MANY shots to get Jack to smile and look up, he only did so a couple times. All we needed was one, though, and we finally got it!

love my little Jack Kennedy

With his campaign button and slicked to the side hair. Love. 

I'm pretty sure we won't be able to top this awesomeness next year. That's OK, though. We have this 3T suit laying around the house and, who knows? Maybe we can get a second use out of it... maybe someone could get married or Jack could attend a fancy event? Otherwise, I think I'll save it to remember just how stinkin' adorable he was.

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Emily said...

That's just awesome. Completely awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Fancy event?? You mean like a governors ball?? I just had a friend mention that to me the other day... the prospect of a GOP Governors Ball is quite delightful! - Karli

Jessi said...

Best idea ever, Karli! I hadn't even thought of that. I hope that happens!!

Emily Real said...

Yes, so so great! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes of the photo shoot. It takes a lot of attendants to make a president, and I love the Daddy/Jack pictures. You guys totally outdid yourselves this year. (And Jack's mama is so stylish!)

Jackie said...

You're kidding me!?? Um, seriously, cutest.thing.ever. Love the shot of Jack and John walking beside your car....very secret service'ish! :)

Jackie said...

I meant "Jon".....sorry! :) Mine is a "John"

Jessi said...

Jackie - our Jack is actually a "John" and grandpa is a "John"... just my husband is Jon, short for Jonathan. We like to keep things extra confusing :)