Thursday, November 29, 2012

So Much

... to be thankful for.

this boy

loves his "ticks" (tickles)

praying friends

school craft projects

just being HOME

traditions like always, always having a bowl of peanut m & m's in reach on holidays

Grams and Gramps

and going on walks

yeah, we get to live here

daddy kisses

a boy the keeps growing, growing, growing

a boy who loves cooking with his daddy

the best mom a girl could ask for 

such a special relationship between these two

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Becky Price said...

Simply beautiful!!

Brandi Powell said...

So much LOVE between you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jaimie said...

Just curious... I LOVE Jack's puma shoes. Does he wear an AFO? If so, does it fit in those? does the insert come out? Karsen just got his AFO and SMO and his shoes are SO bulky, but I'm sure there is no way around that. Jacks so stinkin cute!

Jessi said...

Yes Jack wears AFO's in those pumas! I love them. They are very light, flexible leather, but durable. I do take out the inserts. I love them so much, I bought the next 3 sizes :)

Julie said...

Love all of these pictures...the happiness and love just ooze out of them! :)