Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Tidbits for our Monday

1) For a little one who doesn't nap anymore, I sure think it's cute to find him sleeping in random places.

2) We have been living the past week on the brink of colds. All of us. It's just that time of year. There was a time not too long ago when getting a cold produced so much anxiety and horror in our lives. Seriously so glad to be out of that era. Trust me, you will get there one day, too. As for us, we are pumping ourselves full of vitamins and rest. Today I am feeling crummy, but Jack seems better. I made the executive decision this morning for us to stay home, no preschool, and pajamas a must.

3) It helps to have the cutest pajama collection of all time. (Jack's, that is. Mommy needs a shopping spree.)

4) Thanksgiving is at our house this year and Grams and Cheeks will be joining us. Can't wait! I will always remember this picture from Jack's first Thanksgiving. Aww!

5) I think Jack hit another growth spurt. I'm positive he sprouted at least a couple inches in the past month. I am finding myself doing double-takes when I catch a glimpse of him. Such a big kid! The first year of Jack's life was the scariest when it came to growth. Failure to Thrive was the buzzword of the day. The stress from the constant weight checks, gaining and losing ounces, and (to top it off) celebrating his one year birthday while only weighing 12 pounds are just a distant memory. Thank you, Jesus, we made it through. And then this. Whoa. Who is this kid?

6) World Prematurity Awareness day came and went... as it always does. I didn't do anything special this year for it. I don't know, but I guess I just feel as if we bring awareness to prematurity every time we blog, every picture we post, and every connection we make. Yes, it's important to help raise money for research and to shed light on this issue, but some of us are just living this life day in and day out. We get it. And we know it's important. Now it's what we do in the meantime...

7) I go through these stages with my camera. When I am not out photographing clients, it sometimes sits in it's case. That is sad because I have the absolute cutest subject to photograph 24 hours a day. Right now, I am definitely in a take-a-bazillion-pictures-of-Jack phase. Watch out, blog! And while you're at it, look at this cute backpack. Thanks Auntie Kay and Uncle Bryce!

8) Christmas shopping, Christmas shopping, Christmas shopping. I tell myself every year to get it done sooner rather than later. I feel like I have a good start this year, with probably half already done. I am a gifts person. It's my "love language", so it's all good fun for me. This year I am being a bit more intentional about my gift giving. Trying to stay local and support friends. Jack will still get his new Elmo stash no doubt, but it feels good to know where our money is going.

9) Be on the lookout for a guest post later this week. I am very excited about it!!

10) Is it wrong to live off Goldfish crackers? I'm in desperate need of an apple or something . Off to the kitchen...

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Ashley said...

Ummm... are those Toddler Pumas on Jack's feet? Brotha's got style!

Jessi said...

Yes and I love em'. I actually bought 3 pair in different sizes to have as he grows. They are that awesome and fit super nice over his braces. And they are cute, too.