Tuesday, November 6, 2012

let's just slow this ship down

Big, deep breath.

We've been way, way too busy. When I look back on our month of October, I can't even believe how many miles we traveled, how many events filled up our calendar, how many items I checked off my to-do list, and how much time we spent sleeping outside of our own beds. Add in some major life events, some big Jack medical stuff, and a 30th birthday trip, and well, we are just pooped, for lack of a better term.

I told Jon when we got back from Jack's botox/teeth cleaning that I was done with leaving our little town until after the holidays. That's right. I'm holing ourselves in for the next few months. My goal is lots of family time, lots of friend time, enjoying our little neck of the woods, finishing up this crazy season in my photography business, and spending time on the hobbies that I love (like blogging, peeps!).

Jack thrives on stability, so that is what we are going to give him. No more missing school or therapy. Routine, routine, routine. I think mommy thrives on stability, too.

The ebb and flow of how we live our life is always like this. Seasons of travel. Seasons of being still. I don't know if we have this balance yet correct, but we try.  And we try to have lots of fun, wherever we are.

Jack made it through his procedures last week quite well. Jack got botox and then Grandpa Bennion saved the day by offering to clean Jack's teeth. Grandpa probably hadn't cleaned teeth since before he went to medical school, some 30 years ago!

Right after waking up from anesthesia, Jack was very whiney. Poor sweetie. Even though I knew he wasn't in pain, there is just something about going under, the whole process of surgery, really, that puts me on edge. This was Jack's 10th time under anesthesia and it is never easy.

confused and a little scared upon waking up

Good news is that we are already seeing some amazing improvement in Jack's stiff leg muscles. So cool, really, how medicine works. And Jack's teeth look AMAZING. I've blogged quite a bit about the dreaded preemie teeth. Beyond getting them spic and span, it seems his teeth are holding up quite well and are pretty healthy all around! Yay Jack!

We got back late on a Tuesday and the next morning was Halloween. We opted for the comfy Superman costume and didn't know how much Jack would be up for after his previous busy day.

We started things off at his preschool Halloween party.

And then later, we went to our little downtown trick or treating event.

About two seconds in, Jack totally conked out. Little guy had such a busy week!

And he stayed that way for quite a bit. Here we are with our super cute group. Jack sleeping.

Still sleeping...

Finally awake for one of the cutest photos of all time.

That was our Halloween. We came home and just relaxed the rest of the day.

And ate lots of Butterfingers.
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Kate said...

What a cutie! love the costume :)

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration! Amazing family xx
(Grandmother of a 26 week preemie, from London, England)

Emily Real said...

You are the cutest Jack-o-lantern mom! Your son is beautiful, but the pictures of you are my fave this time around. :)

Kasey said...

Oh, he is just so dear!